Cool Pokhrel Lord of Nepali music-Cool Pokhrel Sunn Sunn meri mayalu,Kina udas ...

Biography of Cool Pokhrel

                                              Cool Pokhrel

Lord of Nepali music-Cool Pokhrel

Sunn Sunn meri mayalu,Kina udas baseki,School,

Beautiful things never last long,Everything in this world comes with an expiry date..One of the unforgettable person in nepali music known as Kul prasad pokhrel(Cool Pokhrel) was one of the revolutionary singers in history of pop music is well knowned for his uniqueness in singing and music..He was a heart touching singer with a migic in his vocal and music which makes him alive forever in our ears..
Nawalparasi born pop singer kul/Cool pokhrel died with suicide attempt. His popularity soared with songs like- sun meri mayalu,bolauda kheri boldinou/yo ye yo oo,school,mritu ko chyan,nepali ko choro,ma ta timilai nai,kina udas baseki,ekchin baralida,hunna ra,Esh pali Dashin ma,kukhuri ka ko,etc                                                             

Cool Pokharel, one of the popular Nepali pop singer passed away on Oct5th, 2004 at Patan hospital.


  End of the legend              

DOB 09/21/1981
Finished his high schooling from Gyanu Babu Boarding School, Pokhara.
Diploma graduation in Business Administration from London.  He was about to leave for USA for higher studies.

CLiCK THe picture to play school of cool pokhrel

Favorite Place
Pokhara and Brighton (U.K)
What did he love to do?
Watch movies
Favorite Actors
Tom Hanks, Nicolas
Cage and actress Julia Roberts

Favorite Singers/Bands
Bob Dylan,
Kurt Kobain (NIRVANA), Jhalak Maan Gandarva (Nepalese Folk)

Fav. Songs
"Wish you were here", "Polly" were the songs which he loved to repeat in his music player.
His Albums
  • 1999 - First recorded song - Sun Meri Mayalu (opus get-together II)
  • 2000 - First Album "AAMA" (Experimental Alternative)
  • 2002 - Second Album "HUNNA RA?" (Alternative)
  • 2004- Third album recording completed but not out yet.

The most effected marijuana fans all miss him.He was cool and his songs are still cool...(we miss u bro-All marijuana fans)
His uniquestyl of singing made him special n kept away from the crowd. My condolence to his family n friends in this difficult time for his early and untimely demise, may his soul rest in peace.



  2. I've been dying to get my hands on his music for ages! can anyone point me where I could obtain either physical or digital copies of his music please? Or if anyone have his CD or something would you be willing to share with me? I'll return it back right after I copy from you on the spot. Thank you!

  3. r.i.p the guy is a legend
    Huge respect for this guy.

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